.Personal Bio.

I'm Kristina-Nicole: So Cal transplant living in the South. Blogger, coffee drinker, healthy hippie. I'm a Catholic Wife & Mom. Creator/Artist/Writer at 

I think the subtitle sums me up. But if more of a explaination is required, I will lovingly oblige.

I consider myself a devout Catholic. I am not perfect. I am a sinner. I seek the Lord, and attempt to do this daily. A convert - I found this beautiful faith at the age of 18. Read my testimony here.

As mentioned, I am a Southern California native, born and raised in the Rancho Cucuamonga area. Since moving to Florida with my husband in 2011, many Florida natives can pin point that I'm "not from arrounnnd heeere". With my jet-set, casual clothing (99% neutrals & earth tones) and beachy hair, I tend to stand out in neon colored Jimmy Buffet Nation; but that's ok - I like to be different. 

Healthy hippie - I'm big on using alternative, holistic (not new age) medicine when I can & conventional medicine when needed (absolutely needed). My family & I try our best to eat healthfully and whole. Trader Joe's & the farmer's market are weekly stops for us. I think I would/could be even healthier if I quite the coffee. But I like having that vice. Coffee + Kristina = BFF. Give me a good [almond milk] cappuccino any day. 

Chris, my husband, is my sweet sweet partner in life. A gentleman to the n-th degree. He's my badger hair brush shaving, cable-knit sweater wearing, camping, chess playing, bourbon drinking gentleman. But call him a Hipster & he'll give you an evil eye. He's like a Ron Swanson meets Don Draper. He's a man's man and he's my man. I am truly blessed. Our first born, Jameson, is the cutest boy in all the land. He's always smiling and has a very sunny disposition!! He was born with unilateral cleft lip & bilateral cleft palatte. He is the light of our world. We also have a baby girl, Nicole, in heaven. I miscarried at 6 weeks. God took her into His arms summer of 2014. 

This blog, KristinaNicoleBlog.blogspot.com has been a project for many years. It's a catch all of life, art business (past & present), faith-filled posts and heart reflections. This is my personal blog.

The professional & ministerial blog I work at is www.HeartofMaryWF.com. It is a website for Catholic Women for fellowship & bible study.