14 April 2010

Being A Tourist In My Home Town

The past few weeks I have been going to Los Angeles quite often. Having just “discovered” the fashion district & the treasures they carry for me as a crafter (spools of ribbon covering an entire wall, just to buy by the yard, a whole other wall covered in packages of rhinestones…. by wall, I mean 10’x40’: it’s crafter’s heaven). 
Recently, I went out to LA with two friends of mine. We went to the Great Bridal Expo (:P  wasn’t that great nor much of an expo)
and then ventured around town. We ended up in the Farmer’s Market, devouring deserts!
Kel had a cannoli in her hand….
The vendor told Amanda that this was an eclair, a very BIG eclair!
lol. me scarfing down a chocolate & cream cheese croissant. Yum-O!
This picture has nothing to do with yummy desserts. It’s a display at Anthropologie, my FAVORITE store!!! {FYI, I could literally wear & use everything they sell. I have never seen anything in that store, over the past 4 years since my discovery of it, that I didn’t even slightly dislike. I want to meet the buyer personally & give them a big hug!}