14 April 2010

I {Love} Rit Dye!

A project that I have been working on for the past week has been making ribbon roses. A client requested yellow and red roses. Did you know that ribbon to create such beautiful flowers does not exist?! Lo and behold, I made them using dye, paint, white ribbon, and a handful of stitches.

Here you can see the ribbon drying off... with a photo of what they should soon be made into...

And here we go:

[[How To Tips:]]

I never follow instructions [which is the reason I do not bake...] when it comes to ratios. I used the Rit Dye as a paint rather than a diluted solution. From its concentrate, I "painted" the white ribbon yellow & then hung them up to dry [this is so the dye doesn't leave a weird drying pattern]. Then I stitched the ribbon together into a rose.
Next, I put my gloves back on, and "painted" the edges of the petals with red and orange dye, following the fading variations of the photo above.

To see where these ribbons ended up, click HERE.