14 April 2010

Planning a Mass after Friday Dinner

It’s Lent. Chris made AMAZING tilapia tacos for dinner!! I’m so full I don’t think I’ll have to eat tomorrow. Later on tonight is date night. He & I are going to be planning out the readings and songs for our wedding mass. I’m soo excited! We’ve been talking a little bit about it & I think we’re going with the first reading from Tobit, the Epistle will be the long {and complete} version of Ephesians, and I don’t know about the Gospel yet. We’ll be getting married on the feast of St. Terese - Oct. 1st. And you know what is great? He discovered that we met for the first time, at the morning mass of the feast day of St. Terese 6 years ago, Oct. 1, 2004. Wow. I’m really impressed with the Lord. I mean, of course I always am - but He’s got impeccable timing.