23 January 2011

Coffee Filter Roses by Amanda S.!!

Hello all!

I wanted to sing of the beautiful crafty work my dear friend Amanda S. made for your friend's wedding rehearsal. They are GORGEOUS!!!! Here's a little background from the email she sent me:

Hi, Kristina!

This is a brief story on these flowers (even though you know some of it already). 

I wanted to make a small bouquet for a friend's wedding rehearsal, but did not want to make the typical ribbon-through-plate bouquet. That is when I requested your help and suggestions. After searching for these flowers online, I found the site and directions on Martha Stewart's website. They looked amazing and I was a bit intimidated, but decided to give it a shot. 

It took a while to get the hang of what I was doing. After a couple of funky looking roses and some trial and error, I got them looking pretty decent. I used water colors to paint them with and I got help with the ribbons from Von's Floral Department. 

I think they turned out well! There were a few things I would look out for next time I do them, but overall, it was a fun experience. I was super happy that my friend liked them. That, of course, was most important to me. 

Thanks for your help!


Amanda S. :D