16 April 2011

{Un}Birthday ATCs

Hi Loves, 

This month's theme for ATCs was birthday.  

"...ok I want to do this, but I don't want the traditional cake or candles, yadda yadda", says my head.

That's it - I'll do an UN-birthday theme! Eureka!

 I glittered the steam of the tea with Martha Stewart glitters & inked the edges purple. 
When gluing down the image (that I printed off line - don't you love it?! I love Mary Blair's artwork!!), 
I glued three of the sides so that I could make a pocket for my little tea bag. I used what I had in the pantry, unwrapped it, and glued my subtitle to it. I crossed out the "UN" so that it would be Birthday themed! :)
Then I pulled off the original bag tab label and glue-dotted "Pull Me". The Pull Me tab is a ticket punch folded in half. 

Happy Birthday all you April Babies!!