18 April 2010

Gah! Thwarted Again! Anthropologie does what?


Read this repost: See why I'm blog yelling!

Anthropologie Wedding Brand Coming Soon!
Posted by Adrienne O'Connor
I am so incredibly excited to deliver this news, and slightly devastated that this is happening after my own wedding has already taken place. But, for you lucky ducks that are soon to be wed, Anthropologie is launching a wedding brand!!
That’s right, the simply delicious women’s-clothing and home-furnishings chain has entered the wedding industry, and I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled. The brand, which has not yet been named, will include everything from invitations to gifts, as well as decorations, jewelry, shoes, bags, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. They will even offer planning services and styling advice. I pulled together some images from their site to give you an idea of the Anthro aesthetic, for those of you who have not yet been blessed to have Anthropologie enter your lives.
Anthropologie Wedding Brand
Photo Credit: Anthropologie
For those of you who love the Anthropologie experience as much as I do (and the rest of its dedicated followers), I’m sure you’ll want to include at least one detail into your upcoming wedding. But, you will have to wait until the spring of 2011, which is when the brand is set to debut online, but good things come to those who wait, right? Select stores will also be opening across the US, so get ready!

So you see why I'm yelling? It almost makes me want to postpone my own wedding. Almost.

OMgoodness! Do you know just how excited I am? Well do ya?