16 April 2010

{Q&A} Advice on Glue

Over at EtsyPaper Street Team, I answered a user's question:

"I've tried Scotch (liquid) Scrapbooker's Glue, as well as Adtech dot glue.  Both have their pros and cons. 

What kind do you use, where do you buy it, and what do you use it for?"


Well I use several different types - but the investment in them are worth it (to me).

Paper to Paper Or Paper to Chipboard: Mono Aqua (Liquid Glue) by Tombo - Use sparingly because it's wet, but holds really, really well. Dries pretty fast. A $4 bottle lasts me about 3 weeks (but I'm working everyday with it).

Paper to Paper: Glue Glider Pro (double sided paper tape) by Glue Arts - a bit of an investment at $13 for the handle & cartridge , and $11 per refill. However, VERY easy to use, no peeling away a paper stripe to expose adhesive, VERY easy to refill & each cartidge comes with 40 feet of tape.


Paper to Paper: E-Z Runner (double sided paper tape) - also very easy to use, comes in 28 feet. No refilling, just throw away entire thing & buy a new one. No paper to peel away either. About $4.

Ribbon/Fabric to Ribbon, Paper, or Chipboard: Fabric Tac by Beacon Adhesives - HOLDS REALLY WELL! and it's acid free! Goes a very long way. Various prices for various sizes. If ever it gets a little too thick, just add a dash of acetone. That red cap does nothing to keep the air out, use a push pin instead.

Embellishments to Anything (buttons, rhinestones, charms): Glue Dots - Many different types. Can be used for anything really. Instant hold so there's no waiting for it to dry. When using: Put the back of the item on the dot and THEN pull away. If you use your fingers or tweezers to put the dot on something, you'll end up with a non-usable booger like thing. : / Average price is 5.50 for 300 dots.

I use a lot of glues, but these are some of the best I have found. P.S. If you ever go to a Scrapbook Expo, they're about 30-50% cheaper. I usually stock up there because buying glue is like having to buy socks. You'd rather spend your money on something else more fun, but socks are a necessity.