14 April 2010

New Memberships & Aspiring Friends!

Good Late Morning! 
So, finally jumping back on here after a couple of days, Chris was sick yesterday - so again, I apologize for not getting Monday Montage up. :(
While needing to pass the time as I waited on my future hubby, I discovered Ning. It’s a social networking site that brings people together based on a topic. It would be like Facebook, but rather, a whole bunch of “mini-facebooks”. So, they have photography ning networks, gardening ning networks, paper ning networks, SCRAPBOOKING ning networks…. ESTY ning networks….!! 
I am happy to annouce that I joined 2 ning networks yesterday! 
{Your Paper Pantry}
This is a group of people who live on paper. They breathe paper, dream of paper, and use paper in more ways than you can imagine!
{EtsyPaper Street Team}
I am an “aspiring” team member. This means, that I am an unofficial team member, waiting for formal approval. {fancy, fancy….} The members of this ning network are required to have an Etsy shop, specializing in paper goods & products… think I’ll fit in?! :)
So,  I encourage you to check out Ning. I am really liking it so far {call it love at first sight} & I’ve already bumped into people that I knew a long time ago! 
p.s. At the very least, check out my sites & let me know what you think. ;)