14 April 2010

one of the BEST RCIA classes thus far....

Teacher, RCIA teen x 4, Teacher {my fiance], Teacher {me}
Every year it begins, we get a new group of RCIA teens. And every year, to be honest, I always am apprehensive about the new group. I’m attached to the teens getting ready to leave us {they decided to become baptized/confirmed}, they’ve been in class for some time & I don’t want to see them go. When the class above started the RCIA process, I complained… big time. “They talk through the entire class, they’re always goofing off, they’re not getting anything”…
Well, with my foot in my mouth 2 years later, these teens are stunning!! Many of the teens that come through our program are sure to leave {as in, never be seen again} shortly after the “on fire for God” stage has passed. Yet this group, I see each one of them at least 2 sundays a month {I hop masses}. They stand firm where they are, they are evangelizing through action and word, and they’re bringing more people into the church. And you know what? They do it through talking and cracking jokes. The Lord truly does bring joy to people’s lives - I just didn’t get it until now. I thought they weren’t learning, but they got it. They got all of it!
{RCIA is Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, this particular program is adapted for teens. It is a ministry where non-catholics & catholics alike can come in every week to a classroom setting and learn about the Catholic Church, what we teach, what we believe, why we do what we do - right down to the stand, sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, or why a priest wears green on some days and red on others. Catholics can come into the class either to learn more about their own faith - and no one judges them because we all need to continue to learn more about our faith, no matter how much we think we know - or as a sponsor, just to support other people there. Non-catholics can come in -like I did 6 years ago - and just sat and asked questions and listen. Why this? Why that? Well that doesn’t make any sense, really? … It’s a beautiful ministry full of devoted teachers, who are, just like you and me. To find out more, look in any catholic church bulletin, or call any church. Here’s a good website, not for RCIA, but for asking questions about the church: http://www.catholicscomehome.org/