31 May 2010

{Happy Memorial Day} Vietnam Memorial Book

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

Be safe & have fun! :D

In light of today's celebration, I wanted to honor someone who's special to me - my dad. He's a vet of the Vietnam war; an army soldier wounded in battle.

Last memorial day, I made him this album. I wanted to share it with you.

this is a 6"x12" acrylic album
my Dad was a LRRP Ranger in the US Army
the book is bound with index rings. ribbons & twine in army colors are used. i added fish netting too. it looks like the diamond rope they climb in training.
acrylic is a great material. you can ink it (stayz-on ink), sand it, and punch it. 
here, i punched the acrylic with my crop-a-dile. 
when i make acrylic albums, i "mirror" the same shapes on both sides - this allows more acrylic to show and really makes it a "see through" book!
though acrylic is clear, you can always cover the pages like you would a chipboard book!

diy tip: i could not find stickers/emb of the ranking he was in. So, I "googled" the images, print, cut and sprayed with Make it Acid Free spray. then I added it to my book!!

top view

Thanks to all the vets out there! And thanks dad, you all have fought for freedom - something I truly cherish!!

If you'd like to see more military & patriotic projects, just head to my website: http://www.kristina-nicole.com


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