25 May 2010

{How To} Create a Facebook Fan Page

Long time no post..... HI EVERYONE :D

Things with the family are going back to normal & it's time to jump back into things....

Over the past couple of months, I've been attending many wedding vendor mixers and it always amazes me how many wonderful vendors are NOT on Facebook!! So, I've dedicated this to you my friends & colleagues, a new Kristina-Nicole feature all about setting up online networking programs, media sites, and little tidbits of information I've learned {did I say little, YES, little: I'll be the first to admit I know almost nothing in comparison to the wealth of knowledge to be had in this social media age we're in - but I'm happy to share the small amount I do know!!} And, you Etsy sellers, aspiring artists & aspiring - or already - business owners, this is all for you too!


1. Visit this Link. It will take you to a Facebook Fan Page creation platform. If you are a wedding vendor, you'll want to choose local business - even if you're a band, musician, or photographer. If you're the crafting type, you may want to choose artist. Here's how I look at it: if you have a business license: choose Local Business. If you are a severe hobbyist, choose Artist. If you click Local Business, you'll need to choose what type you are. They are very vague descriptions, so choose what is closest to your field. If you choose artist, you'll need to click which description fits you best as well!

Fill in the information for Facebook fan page

2. Now, a name for your page..... that should be easy for you to fill in :)
3. Check the box underneath the "Page Name", because you are of course, the official representative of your fan page!
4. Click "Create Fan Page"!!

Now that you have a fan page, let's go over the different sections of the page itself.

  • The top right corner is your profile picture. At first, it will appear as a blue box with a question mark. At any time, you can move your mouse over the image and click "change profile picture". You can upload your logo, product image, or a picture of yourself. This image is what people will see first & are drawn to when searching. So choose carefully!! *** Whenever Facebook asks you to "Publish" a setting - whether a photo or message - you'll want to say yes. This allows it to be seen by the public. If you're still editing, then do not publish - but remember to come back & finish!! 

Design Facebook fan page

  • Under the profile picture box, is "Edit Page", "Promote with an Ad", "Add to My Page's Favorites", "Suggest to Friends". 
  1. Edit Page: By clicking this, it takes you to a dashboard or sorts. A place where you can change settings, preferences, and applications. 
  2. Promote with an Ad: Ever see those business ads on the side of your facebook profile? Well, this is how you too can advertise to other users & gear your ads towards certain demographics, ages, and interests. 
  3. Add to My Page's Favorites: This is makes your fan page a favorite on your personal facebook page. You'll want to do this because - #1, you're your biggest fan, and #2 now on the left side of your personal FB page, you can easily get to your fan page by clicking on "Ads & Pages". 
  4. Suggest to Friends: Tell all your friends, family, and clients who are on facebook about you!! You can also email non-facebook users about your new page!
  • Below those 4 options, is a text box "Write something about....." This is where you can give a small description about you and your business. A motto or slogan can go great here!
  • Then, "Insights". This is a statistical insight to your page. How many people are interacting with you, and how involved they are in your fan page. You can always click on "See All" to get more in depth to see graphs, number of followers, and much more. 
  • Now the middle. There is a box called the "Like" Button. This is what others will click on to become your fan! 
  • Then, "Wall", "Info", "Photos", "Discussions", "Reviews", "+". 
  1. Wall: This is where you can write interesting things to your fan base. What events you'll be at, any sales they should know about, new products or packages..... They can also write to you through this message box. Both you and the fan can add links to other sites, post pictures, add events and videos! Make sure to click "Share"!!
  2. Info: Click on the tab, and fill in all the blanks!! It's all ABOUT YOU! 
  3. Photos: This is an online portfolio! Show off your stuff: what you do & where you've been. 
  4. Discussions: This is where you can hold a sort of "Forum" with fans and others. Start conversations, ask questions...
  5. Reviews: Others can leave reviews!!
  6. +: You have the option to add more tabs to the navigation bar of your fan page. Add a quick tab to Links, Events, Notes, Videos, and any other applications {Etsy has it's own app by the way.... you can showcase your handmade items on your fan page!!}

Now, the last thing that you MUST do is find me "Kristina Beer" and suggest that I become a fan!! I'd love to see your brand new fan page!! Just send me a message to make sure that I get it!!

Good luck & email me or leave a comment if you need anything!!


p.s. more to come soon..... and really.... I wanna be a fan! Let me know when you're up & running! :D