15 May 2010

My Opa

Hello Blogland.

I wanted to leave a post about my "crazy" week that I've been having & my absence from the cyber world.

Not as many blog posts, almost no facebook blurbs and no emails.

My Opa past away on Saturday morning, May 8th. I've been mourning & handling family affairs.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty. I am SO VERY APPRECIATIVE of all of you!!

This was a photo taken of the night of my engagement. Opa is congratulating us!

I don't have any on my computer of 'the good ol days'. But let me tell you a little about his life events & adventures:

  • Police Commissioner of the Dutch East Indies (when Holland owned Indonesia)
  • Killed boars and tigers (he was a hunter - it was one of his favorite things to do)
  • Played Semi-Pro Soccer for the Dutch team, on the Islands
  • Was your personal "Indiana Jones" - He loved his Jeep and jumping around the jungle in his khaki shorts and rifle
  • He ALWAYS wore a smile and ALWAYS had a story to tell
  • Survived three years in a POW Japanese concentration camp, as a political prisoner
  • Migrated by boat to the States in the 50s
  • Never said No to something sweet 
  • Maintained the family Coat of Arms
  • Loved animals and actually taught my previous dog commands in Dutch

Opa - I Love you!!