02 May 2010

My Week: A Recap

So this week has been busy!! I'm sorry that I haven't posted much this week. But here's what went down:

{1.} The beginning stages of an altered rosary box. They went out as Thank-Yous at a Tea for the Carmelite Retreat House in So. Cal. 
{2.} Chris & I spend a wonderful evening at Buca Di Beppo's. We went there to plan our rehearsal dinner. The restaurant treated to a HUGE meal (of our choice!!). We rolled out of the place.   ::BTW - You must try their chocolate cake - its chocolate fudge layered with chocolate cake!!::
{3.} My birthday present from the parents. They ordered Chinese food & got some cheesecake. Yummy!! Oh, and yes, it's wrapped in newsprint flyers! They thought it would be funny - I thought it was very green! and yes, funny!! :D
{4.} The boarding sign to the NACE meeting. (NACE- National Association of Catering Executives). This was a wedding vendor mixer, held aboard a electric riverboat. We had dinner while gliding through the Newport Harbor at Sunset! It was so beautiful! FYI: You'll occasionally see on here photos from the mixers I attend. I am a wedding vendor myself (3D invites, favors, decor...) so it's nice to catch up with other vendors for a night out. 
{5.} D3000?! Yippie!! This is the newsprint-wrapped gift I received!! I must say, I don't really like the photographic image of my face, but the moment was priceless! I had been wanted a DSLR for quite some time. However, after opening, my dad (who I think is the best dad in the world) said that he was going to return it. Why?? He wanted to upgrade it to the D5000. GAH!!!!! What a present! The D5000 is in transit right now and I will definitely post photos when I get it! 
{6.} Girls Night Out: For my birthday, a few of the girlfriends took me out. We went for drinks and ended up at Roadhouse, a cool little bar that has karaoke. This photo is of one of them (an opera major, btw) who belted out "You're the One That I Want" from Grease, with the DJ. The ENTIRE room stopped and watched. Epic.

Well, that's my birthday week in a nutshell. I'll try to elaborate during the week about each of these events - I've got some great photos!! (hahah, like at the NACE meeting, our Captain greeted us by singing the "Love Boat")