01 May 2010

{Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!}

It National Scrapbooking Day!!!!! YAY!!

It has been a crazy day for me. I'm not scrapbooking today, I get to clean the house instead. However, I feel like I get the joy of scrapbooking by announcing the winner of the National Scrapbooking Day - $50 Give-Away in Supplies!!

Ready?    ....

....Ready? .....

Congratulations "Creative Woman"! You are my winner of $50 of scrapbooking supplies! Please email me or use the "Ask Me Anything" box above to claim your products! I'm excited for you and I want to thank everyone that participated.

Now, I haven't done this before - but there was one person that wasn't picked through the drawing that really stood out to me.  But this person has been so involved in the drawing & really went all out to spread the word about the give-away. So, "SweetPolly" we want to thank you! You reached out to me via blog comments, becoming a blog follower, emailing me, facebooking about the give-away, becoming a fan of mine on Facebook, and leaving "likes" on the fan page too! I love your support! So I want to send you a little goodie basket too, straight from my art studio. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate all that you did (do!) Please get a hold of me so I can send them your way!

I love you all so much!


p.s. So what are you doing for National Scrapbooking Day anyhow?? Leave a comment & let me know! I want some inspiration!!! :)