16 June 2010

When you make your own invitations..

Hi blogland!! I've missed you!

Geesh, graduations, recitals, going-away parties, and planning your own wedding can be an excuse not to write, yes?

I hope so! My week has been filled with so much! My best friend of 10 years graduated (YAY!!), another had her college senior recital and is soon off to the Metropolitan School of Music (an amazing Opera singer), and our sweet Missouri friend is home-bound after 2 years of living in California.

My own wedding is fast approaching - 4 MONTHS to go! So many things to do & it seems that the clock is going at twice the speed.

As a wedding vendor, it seems that when it comes to your own wedding - you just can't make a decision. My invitations are, well, daunting. I say that, because I want them PERFECT! (this is truly the only part of my wedding that I am a bridezilla). I make 3D invitations for a living, and other wedding decor as you know. And since I am a vendor, I think in my head that others are looking to me to have the best work possible - and I agree. But when I have to pick out my own papers - I cant seem to make a decision. I "went through" 4 different papers before I decided that paper just wont do. Yep, I'm not going to use paper for my wedding invitations. Any guesses on what I am using??


I went down to the LA Fashion District to see what I could find.

This ornate fabric is a gold taffeta with gold embroidered flourishes & vines. There are linen flowers sewn on there - and only sewn in the middle, which makes them leap off the backdrop!

And here are some photos of parts of the assembly line I've got going.

cut...cut...diecut...ink. Repeat. 

yes, those are Prima flowers!! :D

and this is a box of 3,600 self adhesive antique gold rhinestones. And every one of them will be used!

Welp, I'll get on here as often as I can, but as you can see I've got a bunch to do!! (1 custom order Key West minibook and two very eager March 2011 brides to make invitations for on top of it!)

Miss you all,