09 October 2010

Sleep??? What's that?

So, I've hit my "one week" anniversary! :D teehee

I really do think that a lack of sleep has now put my brain into a "functioning coma". We were married on Friday, the first. Since then - brunches, lunches, airport trips. Back to work at the store, dinners, funerals, and PMS. I think my heart, head, and body are all confused. Sorry if I'm writing in incomplete sentences...

Here's some photos I took from our trip to LA/Hollywood with the new in-laws this past Monday. I've been trying to learn my new Nikon D5000. It's been a lot of fun playing with the ISO.

 classic local tourists :)
 Mel's Diner
 Jeremy (sister-in-law's fiance), Hubby, & Steven (brother-in-law)

it was fun to shoot while driving. you should try it - but hold onto your camera tight!!

Good night everyone!