08 October 2010

E.P. Paparazzi

Photo Courtesy of Andrija Bloom
If only this photo could explain itself. ...
Andrija Bloom, owner of Enchanted Portraiture was the photographer of my wedding. Her, and her SEVEN cronies :D

When we hired her, she said she would bring an assistant or two to help shoot photos of other things happening at the wedding while the main photographer (Andrija) would get the main shots. Maybe Andrija knows my love of photos all too well, or maybe I'm just lucky - but she arrived that day with six assistants!! Yippee!

Many of the photos of the wedding will be her shots. Her goal for the wedding = 10,000 frames. Yep, ten thousand. I didn't add an extra zero by mistake. I get the majority of the photos this week and can't wait to share some. Here's some in the mean time - some of you have been pleading (and it makes me feel loved!).