14 April 2011

Girl Themed - Happy Easter Paint Can

Hi Loves,

Easter is just 1 1/2 quick weeks away....! Yikes! I've been uploading and editing photos like a mad women, prepping for our move to Florida. I wanted to have some projects ready ahead of time so that the blog hopefully will stay consistent over the next month. Look for fun projects for the season, new changes, and videos from the road :)

Whew, my body is tired. Chris & I have had 4 hard working days - but the house & garage are done!! We are done packing & I am so grateful to be able to enjoy the last few days we have in California. Tonight, we get to eat dinner at our dear friend's house & on Sunday (Palm Sunday) we're hosting a going-away pot luck hoopla. 

Anyways, back to photos, I found pictures of this adorable altered paint can I had made for last year. I've used these easter themed cans for children's baskets for the big hunt! :)

And here is a link to a previous post featuring a boy-themed can!