28 April 2011

Isaiah 66:13

Journal: Mixed Media Paper
Base: Newspaper Article
Medium: Acrylic Paints (Cream, Yellow, Orange, Pink)
Image: Cut from a Catholic gift catalog
Pen: Pilot Precise V7 Fine Tip
Ink: Inkadinkado Dye Ink - Black, Yellow marker (a child's marker)
Alpha: Rubber Stamp: Studio G Uppercase Typeset
  1. I am still out of my art studio from my move to FL, so since I did not have glue or sealer, I used the cream Acrylic paint as an adhesive. I mixed the paint with a little water and dipped strips of the news article in the solution. Think paper mache`. 
  2. After all the layering was finished, I smeared more cream paint (paint alone, no water) over on the right side & laid Mary on top. I used my fingers (again, no art studio = no brayer) to smoosh Her down.
  3. I added dots of pink paint on opposite corners then swiped up and down with my fingers to create stripes.
  4. I added a splash of yellow paint on the right side & wiped it up & down also - but using a paper towel.
  5. I wanted to add orange, so I dipped my thumb in the paint & added my print to the right side on the bottom. The motive behind this was to symbolize that God, my Creator, has His fingerprints all over me - I am His. 
  6. Once the paint dried, I hand wrote the verse with pen, stamped the verse reference, and added a halo to Mary, Jesus the Child, and Jesus the Lamb. 
  7. I also outlined any of the religious words from the news article (I found one on the Passion from this weekend's Easter edition).

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