09 September 2014

Mass Journal - Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Hand drawn by me - available as a digital download on Etsy
Every week we get the opportunity to hear God's Words to us at Mass. And every week we also get the opportunity to take in, absorb, meditate upon, learn, heal, and grow through these words. Here at The Kristina Project, I'll be transposing my handwritten notes from my Mass Journal. Sometimes there may not be complete sentences or full thoughts. I am literally rewriting what stood out to me in the readings/homily so that I can mediate on them later. 

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9-7-14 Sunday Mass


It's concern of soul, not vanity. The Only reason we exist is to worship God - not to work, play sports, not be be active in the world.

If we harden our hearts there is a wall between us and God. We need to open our hearts and read the Word & share the Word.

Ezekiel was a prophet & a priest. "Appointed watchman of the House" -> typology for priests, bishops, popes - the hierarchy of the Church.

Others may or may not want to hear the truth. But that's ok because we, the sharers of the truth, must share anyways. If we do not share the truth with others then their sins are held against us

We do not get to escape the responsibility of evangelization; it's not just for the "hierarchy". This is part of our baptismal call. When we are baptized, we are baptized Priest, Prophet, & King. 

But we must share the truth in love. "Owe nothing to anyone except love." We cannot be pompous when we share the truth. 

Anyone breathing on this planet is loved by God - because He created them - therefore they must be loved by us. 

We correct the wicked & admonish the sinner not because we are above them - WE ARE NOT, WE ARE ALL SINNERS, but because we love them. and have concern for their soul. 

When I finally fully appreciate the love God has for me, then I can go out and love. Mother Teresa was so motivated by the love of God that she was able to see God in every person she met. 

We often harden our hearts because we are challenged to change. Being a Christian is not like joining a country club, it is difficult and painful, causing conflict & division. 

We cannot just say love, love, love. Love is blood, sweat, and tears.  It is a decision. 

We are called to be the watchmen to help those who have fallen away. We want them to live in life. We want them to come home & go home. 

Jesus was constantly in the presence of sinners so that He could love them & convert them.