10 September 2014

GMOs + God

This past summer I had the opportunity to see an online screening of GMOOMG; a movie documentary about the concern of feeding our family and the efforts of the U.S. food industries to save a buck, even if it gives up the integrity of the food they are manufacturing/growing.

As I watched, I was appalled by some of the statements that this documentary was making. I'm still in my research to see how much of it is true. But if any of it is true, U.S. citizens have a lot of worry about what we're shoveling into our bodies.

Here are my tweets about the movie:

  • knmarkford Wow!!! #GMOOMG was an amazing, eye-opening documentary. I will be researching more!! See it when it comes out! Be educated. Get educated.
  • knmarkford Scientific studies show Breast cancer & human sterilization linked to consuming GMOs. 😔 #gmoomg We are killing ourselves. ???
  • knmarkford You have American Cos like Heinz making non-gmo products like Ketchup for other countries but don't offer it here. #whattteheck #gmoomg
  • knmarkford RT: JeffLeatherwood Traces of Round-up pesticide are now found in human urine. Maybe the best way to fight cancer is to fight @MonsantoCo #GMOOMG
  • knmarkford Oh variety!! We can eat corn from turquoise colored corn seeds too! 😳 #GMOOMG
  • knmarkford RT: Diana1968 Food to feed 14billion is produced yet so many starving. Doesn't add up! The US has to stop poisoning us.#GMOOMG
  • knmarkford RT: gena382001 When you have to spend $45 million to defeat a bill... you ARE hiding something! #GMOOMG
  • knmarkford Over 60 countries require labeling of GMO food (or ban it altogether) #gmoomg NOT THE US! 😳😣
  • knmarkford "Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, don't you think we've altered something..." We've changed the dynamic of nature. #gmoomg
  • knmarkford "I'm uncomfortable with the patenting of seeds- it like owning life." #gmoomg
  • knmarkford RT: RYTPA "The corn we see growing here is a registered pesticide." Scary. #GMOOMG

All my tweeting lead to an interview about my opinions. But what was interesting was that a Jesuit brother was asking for the interview. He wanted to discuss my thoughts on GMO and God. Not just the OMG part of the title but how eating GMOs can or cannot affect our spiritual lives, and the well-being of our bodies in the context of Catholicism. See 1 Cor 6:19.

Here is a link to his notes on our interview. I want to thank Santiago Rodriguez, SJ for the opportunity!

So, have your seen GMOOMG? What were your thoughts?
Even if you haven't, what are your thoughts on GMOs, or GMOs+Religion?