13 September 2014

The Lost Series - Bible Study ReCap

Hello - happy Saturday!

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For the past two weeks I've been studying Luke 15: 1-32 with HOMWF. It's called the Lost series: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son (story of the prodigal son).

Though there was so much that I learned, two ideas stood out to me.

Right off the bat, in vs. 2 it says "This man [Jesus] welcomes sinners and eats with them." Just last Sunday we learned from Ezekiel 33 & Matthew 18:15-20 that we too are called to be watchmen of the house, to love everyone, and that we will be the ones held responsible for the sins of others if we didn't attempt to share the Truth with them. It is through meeting sinners where they were at that Jesus was able to love them and convert them. We are called to this same method. With Pope Francis especially, there has been an energized push for a "new evangelization". Namely, it's to meet people where they are at, to love them where they are at, and welcome them home. We aren't supposed to sit on our high horse, soap box, in our wood polished pew pointing fingers and naming names. We're called to go out into the streets, or the store, or the park, or the food bank, or anywhere that they are. We know who they are: it's not everyone that we meet. Rather, it's the people God puts in out path, family or friends or strangers, and through following the prompting of the Spirit, we will be able to evangelize.

The second part that really stood out was the reference verse Luke 19:10. In fact, it stood out to me so much, that I drew it out (what I do as part of my prayer meditation).
Praise be to You, God! For coming after me when I am lost. When I am lost because of doubt, because of sin, because of stubbornness, because of pride. Thank you for searching me out and seeing so much value in me to come after me. 

It is still so impressive to me that God would be willing to seek ME out. Yea, I call my self catholic. Yea, some people would say that I've been found, or saved, or more correctly - being saved. My Shephard comes to seek me out & to save me. I am human. I am a sinner. Even though I say I follow the Catholic faith, I get lost. All. The. Time. Thank goodness, I have a God that runs after me.

But you better believe that He's running after you too! He wants to meet you where you're at. Wherever you are in life, He wants to meet you where you are, hold you, love on you, bring you home, keep you safe. We just have to want to be found.